Monday, July 23, 2012

Scott's Run Nature Preserve, A New Favorite BUT Please Stay On the Path :)

Ben and I take pride in going "off" the path while out in nature.

After all, isn't "adventure" the point of it all anyway?

This past weekend I learned a lesson that perhaps staying on the path isn't a bad idea after all.....

The start of our hike 

I've been to Scott's Run Nature Preserve a total of two times. The first time I experienced an unexpectedly breathtaking hike with a gorgeous waterfall and incredible views. The Potomac River was low enough that we could cross it at many spots with no problem at all. What an fantastic day!

Look how low the Potomac is! Plenty of spots to play on!

Walking across the Potomac River!

Beautiful Views! Low Water! Perfection!

On this fantastic day we stumbled upon a group of hikers who said they "followed" the stream down to the bottom instead of taking the strenuous hills that we had hiked on. It sounded like a great idea! Simply, jump in the water at some point on the very top of the hill and just climb your way down to THIS spot. Sounds easy enough......
A beautiful resting place at the bottom of the waterfall

Breathtaking Views
What I learned yesterday was that they probably meant they followed the other TRAIL down to the bottom and simply did not hop into the rocky, slippery, fast moving YET gorgeous river. I will say it CAN be done. It IS an adventure! Will I do it again? NO! :)

This above picture perhaps will put things into perspective. This is the hike the FIRST time we did it. You follow this trail up the hill and then go up and down a few hills and you are (safely & easily) spit out at the bottom of that gorgeous waterfall.
Now, yesterday we decided to "make a left". You see where I am on those rocks? Imagine if I stepped off them, turned left and then hiked a few miles through rushing water, rocks, and mini waterfalls.
Take this view and throw in some deeper spots, a few mini waterfalls and some nice steep drops, twists and turns.
Sadly, our phones were away most of the hike to protect them from the water so the pictures don't do the hike justice.

Finally we emerged at the very top...exhausted...a little nervous...yet exhilarated.
See? We finally made it!!!!

Oh? Wait? What is that we notice? The water level is....HIGH. I felt some panic sweep over me thinking about having to climb that entire trek again! I proclaimed "We will go swimming if we have to!"
Crossing this was a bit more difficult :)

Luckily, it only went up to my thighs in certain areas and we were able to jump rocks and somehow make it across!

Beautiful enough to go swimming in!
If it wasn't for the rushing current of the Potomac.

What a beautiful hike! Nature is always beautiful!
But next time, I may think twice before climbing down a my crocs.....
Halfway down the river.....finally an easy spot!