Thursday, June 14, 2012

Secret Adventures, The River Glass Trail

What is an adventure? What characteristics must something possess to qualify for this title?

According to the wonderful capabilities of google,  the definition of adventure is, 
1) To take a risk
2) To proceed despite risks
3) An unusual or exciting experience
4) An undertaking usually involving danger and unknown risks

Sounds like fun to me! 

The "River Glass Trail" is a name Ben and I created when we realized our favorite place to hike isn't even on the map. 
In fact, they don't have a name for it, there is no trail map and the only way to find it is to stumble upon a hidden parking lot. I probably couldn't even tell you the complicated back roads it takes to get us there.
We found our secret hiking spot two summers ago after a beautiful Sunday drive. We like to play a game to try and get lost along the beautiful back roads of Virginia.
As I was commanding "left", "right" or "straight", we turned down a road that led us to a dead end with a few cars parked along the side. To our right, it looked like there were trails and we heard water rushing in the background. Ben quickly glanced over the map and we decided we would take a risk and embark on this unusual and exciting experience.  The adventure began.
Now it is a mile or so hike to the actual "beginning" of the trail. As you walk down the gravel road the sound of rushing water gets closer and crisper. The woods become thicker and more chaotic as you are tossed further into nature.
June 2012, the end of the gravel road 

 Finally, you are presented with a beautiful view of the Potomac River. And right across the way, is technically Maryland. 
July 2011

The hike is always beautiful and fun, winding in and out of woods with a fantastic view of the rumbling water.  On calm days, you can play in the water and jump between Maryland and Virginia. 

March 2012

March 2012, fields and fields of blue flowers

June 2012

June 2012

June 2012

March 2012

May 2012

The best days, the most adventurous days are when the water is low enough to walk up and down that hidden section of the Potomac River. Within the sand and dirt, we have found the most incredible river glass we have ever seen. Some pieces, dating back to the early 1800's! 
Hence, The River Glass Trail.

March 2012, tons of glass that day!

This trail has inspired me to create these river glass pendants and these pendants have become a main seller for my etsy shop


We have gone on dozens of hikes on this trail and without fail I always say, "this is the best hike of my life".

 The wildlife, the beauty and the glass! The feeling you get when you find a beautiful blue or an orange or a piece with a date on it! One of my favorites is a chunk of blue from 1854. So very cool. 

Each one of these pendants holds a very special quality about it. They are pendants created from an adventure.
After the miles of hiking, the treading through the water, the digging through the sand, the cleaning, polishing and the wire wrapping you are left with a wonderfully unique pendant.
These pendants represent nature, adventure and the unknown...
Taking risks can lead us to such beautiful things!